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4 - transferring command 2. one of the methodologies that i have become a student of, literally, is blue card command. i got my blue card in the mail about a week later. command function 2 : assume, confirm & position command. blue card, a program of global risk innovations, is based on retired phoenix fire chief alan brunacini’ s fire command book and is a solution that teaches fire officers a standardized way to manage local incident operations.

the blue card program consists of two parts: a 50- hour on- line version, which provides the base or core curriculum, and a 24- hour command seminar/ lab in which time is dedicated to real life simulations. cadet command reg 145- 3. when i look back on my travels and readings from, i logged a tremendous amount of exposure to several different emergency incident command gurus and methodologies. new protocol 27 terms. anyone working with children will need to have a valid blue card before they begin work. 2 - naming command 2. regional standard operating procedures. standard 8 functions of command.

blue card command 48 terms. 7 - command teams 3. please callsamsung for technical support. the blue card system has changed. macfarland lieutenant general, u. if you have ever taken a basic firearms safety course or a hunter safety course you will pass with flying colors. prepare for the transfer or termination of command. situation evaluation 4.

review, evaluation, & revision 8. blue card system overview key blue card concepts 8 standard command functions: 1. assumption, confirmation, & positioning 3. 00 and is available through bshifter. 6 - upgrading the command post ( cp) 2. 1) the blue cardhour online training program: fulfills 100% of the blue card hazard zone incident command standard' s cognitive and knowledge based classroom requirements.

army values ( comments mandatory in part iii for all “ no” entries) cdt cmd form 156- 4a- r jul 09 - replaces all previous versions. 1 you' re transferring command ( " taking it" ) ; 5. premium care is free for the first month. ( pulling an attack line, establishing a water supply, etc) however, they do force the ic to paint a very clear picture of what he sees, what he' s doing and what he needs other units to do. command safety ensures the highest level of safety for fire department members operating at emergency incidents" the national institute for occupational safety and health ( niosh) - lodd report # f- 16 – blue card is 100% based on command safety, fire command, and the 8 functions of command. i’ m currently enrolled in the online portion of the command course with the. situation evaluation. for the federal bureaucrats to insist that local fire departments change their command systems in anticipation of a potential visit from the feds 24 hours into the big.

the price of the on- line training program is currently $ 385. what are the key blue card concepts? 1 - establishing command 2. i do find that blue card fires are easier to follow and are very methodical.

contact alarm and advise that you ( bc- 1) will be assuming main street command; and 6. in, 18 cases were submitted, and 12 were chosen to be presented to navc attendees. blue card command filmed at cicero fire department. incident management for the street.

what is a blue card training? continue, support, & terminate command. command function 1 : deployment. 5 - package command for ongoing operation and escalation 2. key blue card concepts 8 standard command functions: 1. the soldier’ s blue book for the commander: official: sean b. firefighters bookstore item # book), # 1313- 2wb ( workbook) importance of functions in addition to discussing functions of command as a whole, the text expounds on the importance of each function.

in addition to the blue card, you must have a ri driver' s license or rhode island id, or green card with two " bills", electric, gas, etc; you must pass two ( 2) background checks, one blue card command book federal and one local, and wait 7 days ( unless you have a rhode island city or town issued concealed carry permit* * ) before you can pick it up. the training is based entirely on retired fire chief alan brunacini’ s fire command and command safety textbooks, which have been used globally in the fire service for over 30 years. the hazard zone management techniques perfected during the blue card command program are intended to protect all personnel working in the blue card command book hazard zone, regardless of how many personnel that may be. learn blue card command with free interactive flashcards. the countryside fire protection district’ s training division is proud to offer the blue card® command training & certification program. requirements control symbol atcc- 122.

rotc smart card ( pdf) yellow card example ( pdf) salmon cards ( pdf) field manuals. high fidelity structure fire simulations. strategy & incident action planning 5. changes to the blue card system.

the successful completion of this blue card online training program is the first step in the command certification process. blue card examples ( pdf) cadet army one source. 12, 648 likes · 5 talking about this · 12 were here. communications 6. find out what you or your organisation need to know. the blue card program is a local hazard zone command training and certification program. once the student has successfully completed the blue card online training program, they will be eligible to participate in the evaluation/ testing phase of the. the command overview module provides other personnel who do not fill a hazard zone management role/ position a detailed overview and a basic working knowledge of a nims type 4 & 5 hazard zone incident command system. after retiring, in, john worked with henry ryng ( inxsol) in designing and implementing the blue card online training and certification program. the " blue card" training program provides fire departments with a training and certification system that defines the best standard command practices for common, local, everyday strategic and tactical emergency operations conducted on nims type 4 & type 5 events.

i walked into a shop a week after i moved into ri, and just took the test not knowing what would be on it. it involves about 50 hours of computer learning followed by ( if your department sends you) a few days of practical exercises at designated locations. blue card command book after the first month, you must provide a credit card to continue this coverage at its regular price of $ 11. tactical operations templates for 5 local occupancy types. 5 drill and ceremony ( pdf). for those of you who don' t know what blue card training is it' s basically a computer based command course designed at helping describe the responsibility of command in a semi- interactive environment. this program is a nims compliant hazard zone management program that is 48 hours of online training availible on the website above blue card command book and 24 hours of evaluation in a command training center doing simulation based training scenarios. 3 - command positioning 2. army deputy commanding general/ chief of staff senior executive deputy chief of staff, g- 6 history. samsung pays for premium care during this period.

blue card command is based on the latest version of fire command, authored by alan brunacini. see more results. a cpcs competent operator ( blue) card must be renewed every five years. blue card command. 0 - command function 3 – situation evaluation. canada’ s first class of blue card command certified instructors, from mississauga fire & emergency services, windsor fire & rescue services and belleville fire & emergency services, with instructors ( front row from left) peter sells, john brunacini and nick brunacini, and mississauga’ s chief training officer shawn matheson ( back row at right). it is designed for fire department members who respond to and manage nims type 4 and 5 idlh incident. blue card incident command training system.

authors of all case report must have had a significant role in the case and be credentialed. this is a rapid action revision to united states army training and doctrine command pamphlet 600- 4. he is continuing to instruct and develop curriculum packages for the blue card command training and incident commander certification program ( for type 4 & 5 incident types) and is currently. follow this five- step guide to renewing your card using a logbook. blue card, phoenix, arizona. announce the incident' s strategy and make a resource determination. for additional questions regarding samsung premium care, please call.

houston fire department, blue card intro and terminology ce video. blue card command is a training and certification system that teaches company and command officers how to standardize. 12, 655 likes · 3 talking about this · 12 were here. why is blue card command? this three- day certification lab portion includes: instruction, materials, evaluation, and blue card certification and is limited to 12 participants. choose from 500 different sets of blue card command flashcards on quizlet.

blue- card firefighting. 77 east thomas road, suite 250 phoenix, arizona. guys- i wanted to let you know that the brunacini' s have launched a new website for their blue card hazard zone management program - www. it' s almost all common sense safety stuff. there are a lot more tactical elements in a blue card size up than before. with this text, you can learn about all eight command functions using a single resource. 0 - command function 2 - assume, confirm and the positioning of command 2. once these 50 hours of training is complete, the student will be certified in meeting the blue card command training general knowledge requirements. the program has been successfully implemented in all sizes of departments with response capabilities ranging anywhere from a single engine company to.

instructor deputy chief paul gardner ( berwyn fire department).

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